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Martin van Laar

Martin van Laar (1954) started with playing folk and country in the beginning of the 1970s, when he picked the banjo in the band "Country Life", inspired by the popular Dutch folkband "CCC Inc", in Amsterdam where this music was very popular these days. With this band he performed among others in "Folk Fairport" and "Boddy's Music Inn", (inter)nationally well-known music bars in Amsterdam these days.

After moving to the Enschede, his banjo stayed forgotten in his attic for years, until he met Henk Leeuwis in the beginning of the 1980s. After the discovery that they both liked the same kind of music a weekly jam was born.

When Bert Hek joined the two, which gave an enormous musical impulse and which at last resulted in a push in cajun music directed push, he started playing typical cajun and zydeco ‘tit fer’ and rubboard more and more, and the band emerged as the cajun and americana band "Des Fais Do-Do".

Martin - ZydecoVillage 2022.JPG

(Foto © Zydeco Village2022)

Des Fais Do-Do
Cajun & Americana Band

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