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DFDD in brief

1991     First public performance at (Henk’s) company party 3T, Enschede

1991     Bennie Stortelder joins the band, Johan Aldenkamp succeeds Rene Vrieler as bass player
1993     Des Fais Do-Do is founded as a formal music association (with only 5 members…)
1994     Derk Habers succeeds Johan Aldenkamp as bass player
1994     Rinus Wilderink becomes sound engineer
1994     Recording of democassette at Varia Studio, Enschede
1997     Recording of 1st CD "Mardi Blue Grass" at Silvox Studio in Silvolde
1997     Presentation of "Mardi Blue Grass" in favourite hangout ’t Bolwerk in Enschede
1997     Trip through Louisiana, performance at D.L. Menard’s house
2001/2 Recording of 2nd CD "Eddie's Tire service" at Silvox Studio in Silvolde
2002     Presentation of "Eddie's Tire Service" at Mallumse Molen in Eibergen
2004     Winner 1st European Cajun & Zydeco Award
2004     Performance at the "Festival Acadien" in Montréal (CA)
2005     Winner 2nd European Cajun & Zydeco Award
2004     Recording 3rd CD “Des Fais Do-Do Live” at Swampstudio in Raamsdonk
2007     Performance as support act of world-renowned C&W band BR549 (Chuck Mead) in Zürich
2009     Rinus Wilderink leaves de band and is replaced by Eric van der Wal, since 2005 occasionally playing with DFDD
2012    Alex Vreeman replaces Eric van der Wal, who is too busy with other musical activities

2019    Lucas Meertens is the new accordion player
2019    Paul de Leeuw replaces Alex Vreeman who has moved to the very north of The Netherlands

Des Fais Do-Do
Cajun & Americana Band

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