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March 2013

After a few years of contemplation – and with fewer performances – Des Fais Do-Do has started the year 2013 ambitiously.

With a new website on which brilliant black/white photographs of our ‘new percussionist on cajon’ Alex Vreeman, and with very exciting performances planned, such as at Europe’s biggest C&Z Festival in Raamsdonksveer once more again, at the Louisiana Ball festival in Freiberg (Dresden) and to cap it all at the big  country/americana festival in Borsdorf (Leipzig) in August. Unfortunately, therefore we have skip the Jazztage Lichtensteig festival (near Sankt-Gallen in Zwitserland), where we performed earlier in 2010 as it is held in the same weekend! Next year, probably.

However, the fans who do not want to travel that far can see us in the Netherlands. Such as on the referred C&Z Festival in Raamsdonksveer on May 3-5 (, at the Streetfestival in Almelo on June 8, and in the usual suspects such as our favourite hangout ’t Bolwerk in Enschede and the unsurpassed music cafe De Cactus in Hengelo after the summer holidays.

May 2013

ZydecoZity 2013 Raamsdonksveer

ZydecoZity was a tremendous experience again after six (6) years of absence! Many good responses en a number of interesting inquiries for gigs; the CD-sales were disappointing however caused by the crises, they say.

This weekend we travel to Freiberg (near Dresden) for Louisiana Ball (May 18/19). Possibly, we also see (new) fans there as we met a few very enthusiastic Germans in Raamsdonksveer.


Louisiana Ball 2013 Freiberg (D) 


Louisiana Ball in Freiberg (May 18/19) was quite a happening again, if only because of the beautiful weather during this festival at the idyllac surroundings of Dresden (pictures will follow). Although agreed to skip the festval for the next few years during the outward journey, Kuno convinced us after the two successful performances to come again as a kind of 

guest of honour next year! (See journal article below (in German.)


Street Festival 2013 Almelo


After the cosy and busy Streetfestival in Almelo - with very nice weather - some rest for almost two months. For an impression of Almelo, see youtube links below.







August 2013

Achterhoekspektakeltoer 2013 Ulft

(Festival - music and more - 10 stages)


The next performance is in Ulft in the framework of the Achterhoek Spektakeltoer (see links below)


June  2013



It was great: fine weather and brilliant atmosphere!!

See news on Facebook, the report of Omroep Gelderland on YouTube (In Dutch, with flash of  DFDD at 1:17!)  and picture below of Theo Kock.


4. Borsdorfer Country & Western Days 2013

Coming Friday in the van to Leipzig!


December 2013


Saterday December 7 at Paco Plumtrek in Almelo was great!

See pictures Helmi Eshuis here.


June 2014

Louisiana Ball in Freiberg (Dresden) was fun again (and hot & late)

(click op link)


July 2014

Brielle Blues 

See for video-recording of John Zwetsloot 
(Genuine Music Agency):
Les Flammes D'EnferLittle Darlin'La Porte D'En Arriere;
Port Arthur BluesDanse De Mardi Gras


From review Brielle Blues in Blues Magazine:

"The cajun & bluegrass mix of DFDD is received by the audience very well. I am not a fan of this kind of music, but these guys know how to get the whole 'Markt' dancing and that is a real merit in itself."



For a full review (in Dutch) here
and for a video-recording  (unfortunately without DFDD) here


December 2015

Website Des Fais Do-Do STOLEN !!!!

Now at:



January 2018
Des Fais Do-Do have passed away after a sabbatical of over two years 😥Now revived as The Dutch Mountain Boys, a name used earlier in performances with less cajun and more folky songs, but still brought with a lot of energy! Hope to meet you in the future!
The first, 'preliminary' appearance as TDMB in the revived formation has been at the Green Grass Music Day in Wijhe in November 2016

Impressie van Green Grass Music Dag

13 november 2016 van 13.30 - 21.30 uur

Des Fais Do-Do
Cajun & Americana Band

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