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(Foto De Cactus © Andre Smit)

Henk Leeuwis

Henk Leeuwis (1954) started his ‘musical carreer’ only at an age of an ‘older youngster’. It was not that he did not like music at a younger age: he sang himself into sleep as a child every evening. Legendary is his scream in mid-Netherlands dialect “does that man bite!” when he, as a three years old boy with his on of his ears against the loudspeaker (of the old Philips radio) whole days long, was caught by the rasping voice of Louis Armstrong and shrinked back by fright more than half a meter.

After a youth blended with popular mainstream music in his small village of birth Terschuur in the centre of the Netherlands, he discovered country, bluegrass, cajun and folk as a student in Enschede in the beginning of the 1970s. A few years later he took the acoustic guitar of his older sister from home and started ‘playing around’ on it while lamenting with Gram Parsons, Gene Clark and many others on his record player.

It took a while until the 1980s when he discovered that playing with more persons was great fun by joining occasional bands at degree parties of colleagues and friends at the university.

The rest is history ……… (and to be read at Martin’s page)

Des Fais Do-Do
Cajun & Americana Band

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