DES Des Fais Do-Do

DES FAIS DO-DO plays traditional and related music from southern USA (Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi), mainly a varied fusion of cajun, zydeco and (americana) roots music. In the beginning of the 1990’s, DES FAIS DO-DO started as a hobby band in the neighbourhood of Enschede and has grown as a popular, professional act, that has built a unique position with its very characteristic view of this kind of music.

Nowadays, the band is active and known in the Netherlands, the rest of Western Europe and even in the States, which is being demonstrated by the fact that DES FAIS DO-DO is mentioned at many Cajun&Zydeco music websites all around the world.

Typical for the music of the Cajuns, a minority group originating from France and living in the swamps in Louisiana, are the ‘french’ accordions, fiddle and ‘tit fer’, and the french lyrics of course. Now and then DES FAIS DO-DO swaps to americana with the mandoline for the french accordion, avoiding boredom while the audience is listening, waltzing, jigging and jogging.

Not by coincidence, a “Fais Do-Do” is the depiction of a dance party in cajun country !!!

Derk Habers  bass
Lucas Meertens  (french) accordions
Martin van Laar banjo, tit fer’, rubboard
Henk Leeuwis  acoustic guitar, vocals
Bennie Stortelder fiddle, vocals
Paul de Leeuw  percussion-drums

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