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Des Fais Do-Do

In the early 1990s, Des Fais Do-Do started playing in regional bars with a refreshing form of Cajun and related roots-oriented music, nowadays called americana. Through performances at international stages and festivals, including the globally known Cajun & Zydeco Festival in Raamsdonksveer (unfortunately stopped in 2019), and on the basis of three very well received CDs (two studio albums and one live album), Des Fais Do-Do has grown into an internationally renowned band in these circles, which has acquired a unique position with a very unique view of this music. This is demonstrated by the performance with Cajun legend D.L Menard, who died in 2017, at his home in Louisiana and three gigs at the major International Acadien-Cajun Festival in Montreal (Canada) in 2004.

Characteristic of the music of the Cajuns, a population of French origin in Louisiana, is the ‘French’ accordion  (a one-row harmonica), the fiddle and the ‘tit fer’ (triangle) to which DES FAIS DO-DO sometimes adds the 5-string banjo. For the americana the French accordion is exchanged for the accordion and sometimes the fiddle for the mandolin. This indicates how both styles can be united with each other while monotony has no chance! In 2004 Des Fais Do-Do received the first European award for the best Cajun&Zydeco band. In 2005, they were elected again, in this case as the best Cajun band.

Derk Habers  bass
Lucas Meertens  (french) accordions
Martin van Laar banjo, tit fer’, rubboard
Henk Leeuwis  acoustic guitar, vocals
Bennie Stortelder fiddle, mandoline, (harmony) vocals
Paul de Leeuw  percussion-drums

Des Fais Do-Do
Cajun & Americana Band

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