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Bennie Stortelder

Bennie Stortelder (1951) has a long history in the regional, i.e. Achterhoek (eastern part of The Netherlands with Doetinchem as central town) music scene. The popular bands Normaal and Boh Foi Toch from there prove the excellent breeding ground.

In the 1970s Bennie emerged as musician in the band "The Jolly Good Company", in which also Maria Jolij (married to Bert in the 90s), part of Des Fais Do-Do’s "Soeurs Mineures", was performing.

After this period it became quiet until he came into contact during a reunion session at Bert Hek and Maria Jolij’s home with the trio of Des Fais Do-Do (then only Henk, Bert, Martin) who were looking for a fiddle player.

Since then, Des Fais Do-Do is not to be imagined without Bennie.

(Foto De Cactus © Andre Smit)

Des Fais Do-Do
Cajun & Americana Band

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