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(Foto De Cactus © Andre Smit)

Derk Habers


Derk Habers (1952) started his musical career in Groningen, where he, born and raised in Zwolle, settled in order to ‘study’ English. He financed this by tapping beer in a student pub. He became bass player in the band “The First”, which even managed to be the support act of the world-renowned and then very popular

Simple Minds in Groningen.

When he discovered that a career of teaching would not bring him any satisfaction, he changed to Law and became lawyer. He got a job in Enschede and met members of Des Fais Do-Do very regularly in their (and his) favourite hangout ’t Bolwerk. When Des Fais Do-Do appeared to be looking for a sound engineer he volunteered immediately and was of course ‘contracted’.

His experience as a bass player became apposite at the time that the bass players Rene Vrieler and Johan Aldenkamp left the band.

Next to Des Fais Do-Do, Derk played drums in the short-lived band “Smallville Songhunters” (with Bert and Alex).

Des Fais Do-Do
Cajun & Americana Band

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